Biennale participants’ works auction in RuArtsGallery

The auction to art-street support organized in cooperation with contemporary arts funding agency RuArts was done in the 1st year street art biennale in «Optics» pavilion at VDNKh. The result of which was sold-out works and nondecreasing interest wave towards street artists among collectors and buyers, the trend of buying painters’ works rooting in street art.

Unprecedented for Russian art-market event is getting traditional for street-art biennale and taking place second time this year assisted by the foundation and RuArtsGallery. Among the lots are the freshest best representatives’ world street-art works, the participants of the main 2nd street-art Biennale ARTMOSPHERE , most of which will be produced straight for the Biennale. On the money got from the auction traditionally grants supporting street artists will be set up.

December 3
RuArts Foundation and Gallery
1 Zachatievskiy st., 10