P 183

Russian Federation

Pasha 183 (P183, real name — Pavel Pukhov, August 11, 1983, Moscow — April 1, 2013, Moscow) — Russian artist, who worked in the area of ​​graffiti, street installations, painting.

Pavel Pukhov, better known under the name P183 (183 or Paul), was born in 1983 in Moscow. He was educated in the field of design, but never used methods that has mastered during their studies. He worked as a system administrator, designer, restorer, art director.

P183 has received worldwide fame in January 2012 due to British media reports, published materials about him. The Guardian compared Pasha 183 with renowned British street artist Banksy. In turn, Pasha 183 friends called Banksy «English Pasha."

Banksy shortly after the death of Paul devoted his memory work «P183 R.I.P.».