Misha Most

Russian Federation

Misha Most is an artist and graffiti writer. He began to paint in 1997, at the dawn of street art. He is a member of first Moscow graffiti teams. Organizer of big festivals, curator of exhibitions and projects devoted to different manifestations of street art. Regular participant and author of lectures and discussions on a problematics and development of graffiti. Misha's works were presented at various exhibitions of the contemporary art in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries of Europe. In 2008 he was nominated for Kandinsky's award. Participant of the Bienniale of the Contemporary Art and Moscow International Biennale for Young Art in 2011, 2012. The third personal exhibition of Misha took place in 2014 in Lazarides gallery, London.The practicing supporter of illegal graffiti.