Louis Lambert is 3TTMAN, or to aid in its proper pronunciation, Trois Têtes Man, the agitador de medio ambiente. As a key presence in the contemporary urban art scene in Madrid, he has formed an aesthetic combining the punk heritage of graffiti, its do-it-yourself, by any means necessary attitude, with a style showing a strong influence of both vernacular, and popular religious art. Working on a plethora of surfaces (from billposters to self-laid concrete), and utilising a myriad of techniques (from ceramics to mosaics), Lambert’s production purposefully blurs the boundary between art and craft, challenging prevailing conceptions of ‘correct’ practice in both the fine and public-art worlds.

Born in Lille, France, Louis Lambert painted constantly throughout his early years without ever feeling the urge to move his work into the streets, feeling that without a truly distinctive approach, his movement into that arena would be be frivolous. Whist he experimented a little with stickers and posters alongside his childhood friend Remed by 1999 he found what he considered a more expansive way of bringing art to the public; co-founding the label 102% – a “pop shop” style brand focussed on unique, one-off, hand-printed clothing – he directed his artistic skills through textiles, still tentatively continuing to work in the street. It was Nano4814’s City-Lights project of 2004, that gave him the inspiration to fully shift his practice into this context however, he encountering a project which, for the first time, demonstrated the enormous potentiality of the urban environment. At first working purely on street-furniture – post boxes, lampposts, rubbish containers and the like – Louis Lambert would détourner these objects, enlivening and animating them with comedic, often grotesque imagery. Yet whilst these early works gave him a taste for the action, a taste of the possibilities of the street, he still felt he had yet to find a project which he could wholeheartedly embrace.