Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper (USA)

United States

Martha Cooper is a legendary American photojournalist who was one of the first to document the graffiti and hip-hop culture of New York in the 1980s. Martha was born in 1943 in Baltimore and started taking photographs as a child. She studied art and anthropology. Becoming the first female photojournalist in the New York Post, Martha was fascinated by shooting street games of children from disadvantaged areas of the city. It was a moment than her acquaintance with graffiti took place. She made friends with all the leading graffiti writers of the time, photographed their train paintings in the New York subway and went out with them to the night city painting. In 1984, together with Henry Chalfant, they released the book «Subway Art», which quickly became a cult book. It was thanks to her that people around the world discovered the subculture of New York teenagers from the ghetto, which very quickly penetrated into other countries and began to develop actively.

Marta Cooper is the author of a dozen books about graffiti, hip-hop culture, etc. and to this day continues to work actively and inspire others. Within the framework of the First Moscow Biennale of Street Art in 2014, were held Marta Cooper's lecture and an exhibition of her photographs in the ArtPlay.