Misha Uteev aka WERT159

Misha WERT159 (Russia)

Russian Federation

Wert159 (Misha Uteev) is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Russia’s Far East region, Vladivostok city. His artistic journey has begun in 2006 with his introduction into the local graffiti scene. In 2008 he moved to Auckland, New Zealand and began his Architecture studies. By 2012 he completed his degree and established himself as an up and coming young artist and at that point the decision was made to focus on Art instead of Architecture. Misha often refers to a time in New Zealand as most auspicious for his development as an artist.

Since 2013 Wert159 has been involved in numerous art festivals, live art events and art shows. Large scale outdoor murals, studio works and commercial projects have become his new realm. Misha is now based in Saint Petersburg. Wert159’s work is not easily defined or categorized by one term or style, he loves experiments, novelty and continuously searches for his signature visual language.

His outdoor works are vibrant and colorful, expressing his interest in human portrait combined with evolved letter based graffiti. Originally his studio practice was mimicking his street works and took form of paintings, illustrations and installations, however in recent years it evolved into a sovereign platform for his creative expression.