Adel Renault

Adel Renault (Netherlands)


Adele Renault (1988) draws realistic portraits of pigeons and people. Her subject can live in a ditch or in an ivory tower and the size of the work ranges from a small canvas to a giant fresco. Adele Renault is an artist of a deft touch to what most can find banal. From pigeons to people, it focuses your skill at realistic images of the ordinary residents of the city, on canvas, as well as a massive mural.

Adele was raised on a farm in the Belgian Ardennes, where her musical family encouraged her to travel and experience the world on her own. Only at fourteen did she venture to Venezuela for a semester and then on Brighton, England. During her travels she studied fine art from classical oil paintings to modern spray-painted graffiti, experimenting with new media and graphic design. Renault graduated in 2010 from the Academy Royale of fine arts in Brussels.

With excellent portrait technique focused on the ubiquitous pigeons and people of the global city center, Adele's work is immediately relatable. Her interest in humans and pigeons is associated with a commonality that regardless of the city, each of which can be found in abundance. With care and attention to detail, she makes the old woman's face and the dove with the same precision. The ever-changing colors of the dove feathers are as significant as the wrinkles in the old woman's face.