Hyland Mather

Hyland Mather (Netherlands)


The owner and curator of Andenken Gallery and Design for the past 20 years. The Gallery has hosted more than 200 exhibitions and projects during that period.

In parallel with Andenken, Mather has been developing his career as an artist and designer. In the past three years, with added focus, his artistic career has grown. In that time, he has had solo and two person exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, San Francisco, Denver, and Amsterdam.

He is contributing writer for a handful of cultural magazines and online publications including: Juxtapoz, HiFructose, Beautiful Decay, Very Nearly Almost, Arrested Motion, and Amadeus Magazine. He enjoys playing music, skateboarding, and playing ice hockey.

Artist Statement:

I apply a kind of weird spiritualism to the materials I find and work on… I like to think of them as having a first ‘life’. After they have outlived their usefulness and they are thrown away, abandoned, discarded or lost, they are rediscovered, and made new again… but not too new (they have to maintain a kind of ‘artifact’ feel for me). I like to think of the lost objects themselves as ‘stoked’ that they are becoming something else.

When I make my large scale paintings, or lost object installations there is a Zen feel to the process for me for a couple of reasons. I find the process very meditative and also aesthetically I am always trying to find a ‘balanced’ feeling in my work. I rarely start with a fully formed plan when I make things, and I only know a piece is finished when it feels balanced.