The results of the open call III Biennale of street art wave ARTMOSSPHERE

During the open call of the biennale we received about 300 applications from all over the world: from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Turkey, Finland and Ukraine.

Thank you for your work and attention to the Artmossphere biennale! We discovered a lot of new names and have seen strong proposal, among which the international jury selected 40 projects. These artists will come to Moscow, create their works here and present them at the main programm 3rd. Biennale of street art wave ARTMOSSPHERE in the large Old Winery at Winzavod contemporary art center from August 30 to October 14.

3rd Street wave art biennale Artmossphere

August 30 – October 15

Participants of the main programm 3rd. Biennale of street art wave ARTMOSSPHERE:

  • 1UP crew (Germany)
  • Adelе Renault (Netherlands)
  • Alexandr Guschin (Russia)
  • Alexandra Kuznetsova (Russia)
  • Alexey Luka (Russia
  • Alt+KU Art-group (Russia)
  • Art-group Zliye (Russia)
  • Barney Francis (UK)
  • СaneeМorto (Italy/Belgium)
  • Darion Shabbash (Russia)
  • Danila Shmelev (Russia)
  • Doma (Argentina)
  • Dima Fatum (Ukraine)
  • Dmitry Eloom (Russia)
  • EGS (Finland)
  • Evgeny Muluk (Russia)
  • Evgeny Zhelvakov (Russia)
  • Faust (USA)
  • Finsta (Sweden)
  • Guido 108 + CT (Italia)
  • Нyland Мather (Netherlands)
  • Ivan Ninety (Russia)
  • James Jessop (UK)
  • Johannes Mundinger (Germany)
  • Lena Shubentseva (Russia)
  • Lucy McLauchlan (England)
  • Lubov Donkova (Russia)
  • Misha Most (Russia)
  • Misha Uteev aka WERT159 (Russia)
  • Nazar Kulchitzky (Russia)
  • Pablo Harymbat (Argentina)
  • Sheryo & Yok (Australia)
  • Spy (Spain)
  • Vasilis Markosian (Greece)
  • Vitaly Tsarenkov (Russia)
  • Vladimir Abikh (Russia)
  • Zbiok (Poland)
  • ZIP-group (Russia)
  • ZTWINS (Russia)

Jury Members

Steven P. Harrington

соучередитель стрит-арт объединения Brooklyn Street Art

Jaime Rojo

соучередитель стрит-арт объединения Brooklyn Street Art

Peter Ernst Coolen

куратор Музея уличного искусства в Амстердаме

Ethel Seno

co-director of Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles

Anna Dimitrova

куратор Adda Gallery (Париж) и MTN Gallery (Барселона)

Cedar Lewisohn

исследователь, куратор проектов в Tate Modern

Nikolay Palazhchenko

Куратор, искусствовед, стоял у истоков создания Центра современного искусства Винзавод